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Lauren's mom often attracted attention for her appearance.

Mom, this is how your beauty made you blind

To: Mommy (Shelley Brill)
From: Lauren Brill
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This letter is a reflection of society's attempt to often stereotype and pass judgment on women. On a personal level, for a long time, it bothered me that the thoughts of others impacted my mother's ability to see her greatness. I wrote an open letter to my mom about what I see when I look at her.
Lauren and Brian attending a cocktail for Emmy nominees.

What my next love should know about my last love

To: My next love
From: Lauren Brill
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I'll never forget sitting in the passenger seat of my dad's car when I got a message on Facebook that read, "Hey Lauren. I don't know how to tell you this but feel like as such a big part of his life you should know. Roche passed away last night." Roche was the last name of my ex-boyfriend, Brian. Unfortunately, it took losing Brian to learn what I know now about love. I share that knowledge in an open letter to my future love.
Lauren asked her friends questions as one way to educate herself about racism.

What I learned as a white woman living in a racist society

To: Those who don't see race
From: Lauren Brill
Charity: NAACP
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My personal experiences, coupled with the experiences of friends, have led me to see the world in a very different way than I did as a child. Now, I am writing a letter to those who don't see race, letting them know what I have learned through the years.
Lauren and her dad enjoying a sushi dinner on vacation in Los Angeles.

Here is what happens when a dad believes in his daughter…

To: My Dad (Alan Brill)
From: Lauren Brill
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My dad has been a major source of wisdom, strength and motivation through the years. As I take on this huge challenge of starting a business (The Unsealed), the traits he has instilled in me are critical. I wrote an open letter to my dad to recognize his role in my life and on this journey.
Lauren moved to Buffalo, New York to pursue her career as a sportscaster.

To those scared of trying something new in the new year

To: Those scared of trying something new
From: Lauren Brill
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It's about to be a new year. As I think about what's in store for me in 2020, I realize I actually don't have a clue...
Lauren was raised Jewsih

Dear Santa, this is why I am writing you for the first time

To: Santa
From: Lauren Brill
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The holiday season is a unique time of year, where people exhibit more kindness and generosity. Despite being jewish, I wrote a letter to Santa about what I want this holiday season...

Here is the basis of my business…

To: Those wondering how I do business
From: Lauren Brill
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I was thinking about this story all weekend long, as thoughts were running through my head as to why I felt so compelled to fly across the country for what many would see as a business contact.
Lauren celebrating a birthday

To single women, my birthday is not a burden

To: Single Women In Their 30's
From: Lauren Brill
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Today I turn 34 years old. We both know what the world is going to ask me. “Are you married?” “Do you want to get married?” “Do you want me to set you up with my cousin’s niece’s friend's nephew?” “Do you have any kids?” “Are you sure you want a career that requires so many hours?” It seems like each birthday since age 27 the number of times I get these questions doubles.
George passed away just weeks after writing a letter on The Unsealed.

He lost his life but he left his lesson…

To: Those willing to listen
From: Lauren Brill
Charity: NAMI San Francisco
“Please, let out your emotions. Don’t hold them in.” Those are words from a letter my friend and former Notre Dame football star George Atkinson III wrote just over a month ago to children who are struggling.
Lauren with her parents

From entitled to grateful, a special thanks to many of you

To: Those who have shared their stories with me
From: Lauren Brill
Charity: Citymeals on Wheels
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Growing up, I didn’t count the problems I didn’t experience. I never thought about what life would be like if I had a single-parent home. Hunger only happened when I glued myself to the TV for too long. And the only words I associated with the term “race” were “Ready. Set. Go!”
Lauren Brill in high school

To sexual assault survivors, this is what I want you know

To: Sexual assault survivors
From: Lauren Brill
Charity: Bella Abzug Leadership Institute
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After years of being too scared to write to all of you, now I am hoping the world will share this letter so it can actually find each and every one of you. The decision to reveal my truth this week on Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s site for her new book, “Option B,”  was not an easy one.