I am a psychic and this is my letter to those who don’t believe in the magic

To: Those That Don't Believe In The Magic

From: Dendra (Written with Lauren Brill)

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To those who don’t believe in the magic,

For a long time, I didn’t believe in the magic either.

Instead, I was a Debbie Downer – depressed all the time. I didn’t trust anybody, including myself. I had low self-esteem. From the very beginning to this day,  challenges and obstacles have overwhelmed my life.

My father abandoned me when I was one year old. Later on, my mother committed suicide. In my teens, I was depressed and suicidal. While my first child was healthy, my daughter was born with a rare disease and needs full-time care, and my youngest son is autistic. After my youngest was born, I had heart failure.

For a long time, I thought God must hate me.

For a long time, I thought God must hate me.

When my son was diagnosed with autism, I went to a dark place, and it was as if I could no longer be present in my life or my family’s lives. Again, I started to think about checking out. That’s when I began to meditate. Then, shortly after, a friend introduced me to Reiki.

I thought it was just a massage, but I was wrong. Reiki is a Japanese alternative medicine that creates healing through energy in the body. That one session was the start of a beautiful journey. During the session, I relived the difficult moments in my life, and I watched the energy move throughout my body. In that session, I realized everything I had faced, someone else also endured. I wasn’t alone, and God didn’t hate me. But instead, my experiences would give me the insight and compassion to help people.

And my ability to do so was always there.

Since I was a little girl, I would have premonitions. Two days before I lost my mother, I dreamt of her harming herself. Premonitions like that happened repeatedly, but the people around me told me I was playing with the devil. So, I stopped talking about it.

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After Reiki, I began to feel aligned with my magic. Nothing was blocking me anymore, and I felt happy for the first time in a long time. The feelings were so overwhelming that I decided instead of running away from the magic, it was time to embrace it.  

I started taking Reiki classes, further healing myself and ultimately getting off my heart medicine. Reiki helped me get my power back and start making decisions that were right for me.

Now, I am Reiki Master, a certified hypnotherapist, and I perform psychic readings. Through magic, I can genuinely help people. One day I was live on my Facebook, and I felt like a woman watching was about to harm herself. I told her she needed to pull herself back. A couple of days later, she told me she was about to hurt herself, and I told her exactly what she needed to hear as if a greater power was speaking through me.

Through the magic, my pain found its purpose. My life experiences have allowed me to recognize other people’s wide range of emotions since I have experienced so many of them. And helping other people has helped me.

Today, my kids are doing better. My daughter is out of the hospital, and while she struggles, she is happy. And a while back, I made a wish on a dandelion that my youngest son would speak, and two days later, he started talking. Physically, I am healthy, and mentally I feel strong, confident, and content with my life. When you believe in magic, you never know how the universe will deliver your wishes. Magic has given me a sense of peace and calmness in my still, very chaotic life.

And for those of you that still don’t believe in magic.  

The magic is everywhere. It’s up to you to find it. It is the birds, the sky, the earth, the sun, and the rainbows. It is in other people – the people who say something kind to you or treat you nicely. It is all over the place, but to see it or believe in it, you must understand what it is. The magic lies in all the beauty that surrounds us.

And to experience it each day, you need to give yourself a  moment to take it all in.

With love, faith and a bit of magic, 


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3 thoughts on “I am a psychic and this is my letter to those who don’t believe in the magic

  1. Dendra,

    I look forward to listening to you in our community meeting tomorrow night. Thank you for sharing your life’s path in your letter. I appreciate your willingness to push on despite the many challenges put forth in front of you your entire life.

    Thank you

  2. Dendra, I felt your heart warming story. I am an empath. I have dreams that I project into other worlds. I have premonitions and all that since I was child.
    One story in particular was after my grandma passed away in 1975. My sweet grandma Carrie visited me ten years after death. I watched her walk into the light. My brother told me I was talking to demons. Our mom passed 1988. My brother called me in a rare form of panic and anxiety, “Mom visited me while I was in the shower with soap all over me. I am sorry I called grandma a demon. It is real.”

  3. Your story is a testament to the powerful impact we have by living out our truth. Embracing yours hasn’t only changed the trajectory of your life, but of countless others too and for this, the collective says “thank you <3"

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