Here is why I believe in daily miracles

To: Those that are scared to chase their dreams

From: Lauren Brill

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To those who are scared to chase their dreams,

It’s easy to dream. It’s easy to let your mind wander and fantasize about the beach house you want, the awards you hope to win, or the experiences that energize and excite your soul.  

I do it all the time. 

But the space between dreams and reality is often absolutely terrifying. While you can plan each step of the way, there is still an incredible amount of uncertainty.  Even if you map out my every move, you still don’t know exactly how the pieces will all come together. That uncertainty is why most people are hesitant to pursue their dreams. They are too scared. 

But this last year taught me how important it is to believe in daily miracles.

Before I started The Unsealed, I thought miracles did not happen very often. I thought the odds of a miracle occurring compared to winning the lottery or meeting your favorite celebrity. It happens for some people – just not very many and certainly not very often.

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However, back in January, I worked on a letter with a lawyer in Cleveland named Christopher Rivero. Before he was a successful attorney, he was a homeless and hungry child. While Chris worked his butt off, he told me he received so many miracles that helped him along the way. 

Chris taught me to look for miracles, especially when and if I felt scared. And sure enough, I found miracles everywhere. 

When I initially launched The Unsealed, I wanted to release our first letter on a Monday. But just days before our launch, I found out Sports Illustrated was going to interview former Browns coach Hue Jackson, who was slated to be our second letter. We didn’t know when the SI article would run. It wasn’t ideal, but at the last minute, I decided to launch the first story on Friday and Hue’s letter that Monday to ensure our story came out before Sports Illustrated. 

Our first letter was from Antoine Mason, a basketball player who lost his father, New York Knicks legend Anthony Mason. He talked about how he decided to continue to pursue basketball and find happiness despite the loss of his dad. Little did I know, on that Friday, a man in Youngstown, Ohio, who had watched me on TV and followed me on Facebook, decided to take his own life. It was the anniversary of his mother’s funeral. With a gun in hand, he heard a ping on his phone. It was an alert that I posted an open letter on The Unsealed. Curiosity got the best of him and he read Antoine’s letter. Relating to Antoine’s pain, while also inspired by Antoine’s courage, this man began to cry and then put away the gun.  Antoine’s letter saved his life – a letter that I initially planned to publish three days later. 

That was The Unsealed’s first miracle, but there have been so many more. 

Some of the people that represent miracles on The Unsealed

We wrote a letter with a young girl who stutters. Her father said since her letter, she’s been more confident and comfortable with herself. 

A retired baseball player told me writing a letter on The Unsealed awoke him to all that he’s achieved and the wisdom he has to offer others. 

From a young person with autism to grownups battling depression, many people have thanked me for helping them express themselves. 

And it’s not just the letters.

A famous actress spent the day doing interviews with Entertainment Tonight and E!, but told me she could not wait to talk to me about a letter for The Unsealed (coming soon). Across the entire world, people are signing up to be a part of The Unsealed community.  

Every single day miracles happen. But what I have learned is that it’s only when you take the time to acknowledge them does that space between dreams and reality – the space once overwhelmed with fear – become filled with faith. 

Always believe, 

Lauren Brill
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