Write an inspiring story and you could end up on a billboard!

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The Rules


Post an inspiring letter in one of our groups . Whichever letter has the most hits/views during the month of September (starting September 8th) will land on a billboard for one evening (you pick the day and time). You can submit as many posts as your want.


You must be over 18 and a member of The Unsealed Community. You can sign up for The Unsealed Here

*no relatives or employees on The Unsealed are permitted to enter


Post your letter any time during the month of September. We will congratulate the winner on a digital billboard for a few hours in a major city near the winner. (You must be 18 and you must sign a release form. Billboards only available in the United States).

Letter Requirements

  • Entries must be in English
  • They must be true story about your life
  • The letter can’t mention anyone’s name except yourself (Example: you can call someone a friend, a neighbor, a teammate or a family member but you can’t call them by their name, John Smith)
  • The letter must be original writing from the person submitting the letter
  • The letter must not have been published anywhere else
  • The letter can’t can’t be defamatory toward another person
  • The letter must be 300-2000 words
  • Only one entry per person
  • Include a headline for your letter and a photo that goes with your story


You will own the rights to your entry but by entering the contest you will give us permission/limited license to publish the letter and any pictures you provide on The Unsealed. You will also allow us to promote your entry on social media using your letter and the provided picture.

How it will be judged

Whoever gets the most hits between during the month of September, starting from September 8th, 2022.

How to Submit

To post a letter ,click here and scroll down on our groups page and join the group that fits your story

Then go to that group’s page and submit your letter (must be a member to submit).

If you’d like to submit it via the submit button below, please email Lauren@theunsealed.com when you do so we can post your letter ASAP

Good Luck!

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