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Antoine Mason writes a letter to his late father.

Response to Antoine Mason’s letter

Charity: Cristian Rivera Foundation
Sponsor: Alan B Brill & Associates
Readers react to Antoine Mason's story
Lauren shared a letter to sexual assault survivors and now it inspired her to help others share her truth

With the simple click of a button, I gave my years of pain a purpose

To: Unsealers
From: Lauren Brill
Charity: Bella Abzug Leadership Institute
In April of 2017, before the MeToo movement, I wrote an open letter to sexual assault survivors, sharing details about an attack where two strangers drugged and abused a 16-year-old high school student. The attack was cut short when the young girl’s limp body fell off the bed. The attackers, I believe, thought she might have died from the drugs they gave her. They panicked and quickly left the scene. That 16-year-old, who then crawled out the room looking for help, was me

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From: The Unsealed
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